Corporate Credentials

Corporate Credentials

Ambassador Energy is proud of its history as a pioneer in the solar industry. The belief that solar energy serves the greater good of all people and dedication to furthering the adoption of solar electricity are two factors that motivate the Ambassador Energy management team to impact the future of our industry.

Steve Fulgham, CEO

Steve Fulgham

Co-Founder, CEO and Visionary of Ambassador Energy

Steve holds a C-10 Electrical, C-46 Renewable Energy Contractor license, a B General Contractor license, the NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional Certification (#031310-74) and the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification (#012911-35). He cut his business and technology teeth in the computer hardware and software industries, rising to Senior VP of a Fortune 100 software company. Later, he built custom homes and light commercial as a GC and saw the future in solar, when in 2007, he crafted the unique Ambassador Energy Agency/EPC/Training model. Today, Steve heads Ambassador Energy and facilitates special training segments.

Steve Fulgham brings many valuable talents to the solar industry. None are more obvious than his enthusiasm, as he has crafted Ambassador Energy to address the compelling demand for renewable energy and the means to bring it to market. His goal is to “brand a smart and accessible renewable energy company, and to provide the Company’s Agencies and employees a proven business platform with standards and systems.”

Steve Fulgham is an expert in solar technology. He is one of only 1100 North American Board of Clean Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified professionals. He also holds for the Company, a General Contracting license, a C46 Solar license, and has sat on steering committees for NABCEP, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). He speaks nationally and often on the solar industry.

Unusual in today’s solar environment, Steve has personally performed almost every aspect of the solar photovoltaic sales and installation cycle. Leading by example, he has “cold called”, performed site visits, created quotes, designed solar grid blueprints, ordered system components, managed system installations, cultivated distribution relationships, procured best software solutions, created training programs, documented protocols and enrolled a dynamic Ambassador Energy Advisory Board. He cut his teeth on the sales and installation end, only to find his place as an industry visionary. His “soup to nuts” approach, as he says, “assures that no one in the Ambassador Energy culture will be asked to do something that I have not done myself”.

Prior to founding Ambassador Energy, Steve was a custom home General Contractor, which provided him a foundation for understanding the logistics and infrastructure on the physical side of energy systems. His previous 20 years were spent in technology, offering Ambassador Energy a further intellectual edge, as Mr. Fulgham owned a computer hardware company, managed sales for a global hardware corporation, and supervised sales for the Western United States as a Senior VP of Sales and Strategic Business Alliance Manager for a $5 billion global software firm.

A born learner, Steve studies voraciously, attends classes, teaches classes and writes expert articles for publication. He excels in writing, speaking and enlisting talent. Destined, it seems, for this time and space, Steve Fulgham personifies all things relevant in this exciting energy renaissance.

Kelly Smith, President

Kelly Smith

Co-Founder and President of Ambassador Energy

As the official head-cheerleader of Ambassador Energy, Kelly brings a vast professional sales portfolio to the solar industry. She thrived in sales and marketing for two decades after earning her Journalism degree from SMU. Today, Kelly, who has earned the NABCEP EL, teaches segments in the curriculum, which are the Ambassador Energy sales “secret sauce” for our Agency family. With a few hours of instruction from her, new solar professionals glean insightful marketing nuggets, while established sales organizations get that “shot in the arm” that comes from her expertise and infectious enthusiasm for the solar industry.

Kelly Smith brings to Ambassador Energy a polished public face, complementing Fulgham’s academic persona. She has successfully implemented the Company’s culture, cultivates synergies between internal and external clients, recruits Agencies, creates strategic marketing plans and partners, speaks publicly on behalf of the Company and writes numerous articles and press releases. Armed with a Broadcasting/Journalism degree and extensive sales and marketing experience, she leads the Company with a fresh and very public approach.

Throughout her varied career, Ms. Smith has applied her sales, management, writing and speaking talents to a plethora of endeavors. Most recently, she built a successful career in residential and commercial real estate, where she specialized in finding and executing strategic transactions, requiring skills in procuring complex financing solutions, development and entitlement options. This experience has proven invaluable in the solar industry, which has evolved in sophistication and complexity of projects.

As CEO and Founder of Being Jane, Inc. (, a community website and media company, Kelly was a pioneer in social media. In prior years, she achieved high levels of success in technology, financial and advertising sales verticals. Through leadership roles in her philanthropic work, civic and networking groups, Kelly continues to hone her skills as a writer and public speaker.

An enthusiastic advocate for Solar, Kelly looks for opportunities to educate, stating that “the demand for renewable energy is no longer generated strictly by environmentalists and early adopters. It is consumable on every level, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in its environmental and financial impact on our planet. I, personally, cannot wait to shout from mountaintops. The Solar Train is out of the station and it is changing lives!”

Kelly earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Southern Methodist University.

Kurt Sorensen, Director of Procurement & Agency Support

Kurt Sorensen

Director of Field Support for Ambassador Energy

Kurt is one of the original “core four” employees of Ambassador Energy. He is a licensed C-10 Electrician that has worked in the field of construction since he was able to drive, migrating seamlessly into solar PV and solar thermal years ago when Ambassador Energy was founded. Today, Kurt teaches PV installation segments of the training courses in Ambassador Energy’s training facility and spearheads training opportunities in the field real-time at real installations throughout the country.

Julia Oliver

Julia Oliver

Director of Operations for Ambassador Energy

Julia brings an abundance of expertise and enthusiasm to her work as Director of Operations at Ambassador Energy. In addition to always keeping her finger on the pulse of the Big Picture, she performs countless daily tasks, including, but not limited to: Managing office staff; Interfacing with Sales; Coordinating Procurement and Job Installations; Accounting; Human Resources; Interfacing with AE’s strategic partners and vendors; Continually herding cats. Julia is also certified to proctor the NABCEP EL exam to Ambassador Energy College students, and is a vital member of the Ambassador Energy family.

Catherine Kelso

Director of Training for Ambassador Energy

Catherine is one of a small group of women in the solar industry who has earned the NABCEP PV Installer Certification (#031310-124) and the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certificate. She launched her solar career in 2005 in PV technical support and battery-based inverter repair, providing even more value with her off-grid knowledge. Today, she leads the Ambassador Energy training team teaching curriculum such as the 32-hour NABCEP EL training/testing, preparation courses for NABCEP’s exams for PV Installer and PV Technical Sales, one-, two- and and Ambassador Energy’s New Agency Boot Camp.

Licenses & Certifications

Contractors State License Board #928112 | General Contractor B | Electrical C10 | California C Corporation Founded 2007 | Solar C46
NABCEP Certified PV Installer & Technical Sales Fulgham & Kelso | IREC ISPQ Accredited

IREC ISPQ Accredited NABCEP Entry Level Exam NABCEP PV Technical Sales NABCEP PV Installer