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Play A Role In The Solar Revolution

We invite you to play a vital role in the Solar Revolution, and in changing the climates of our world… to create a satisfying, meaningful career… to craft a rich, robust lifestyle for yourself and your family!

Who is Ambassador Energy?

Ambassador Energy is a uniquely scalable solar energy solutions company, bridging user demand with evolving technologies through its nationwide family of independent Ambassador Energy Authorized Agencies. The company has induced a seismic shift in the renewable energy Training and Distribution paradigm by developing a consolidated, efficient platform which gives its Agencies the business tools, continuous education and supplies necessary to satisfy the growing consumer need. Ambassador Energy delivers cost-effective, renewable energy solutions that reduce America’s dependence on traditional energy sources while improving the health of the planet.

Ambassador Energy’s Authorized Agencies have been qualified and trained by Ambassador Energy. Our family of Agencies have access to Ambassador Energy’s New Agency Training, ongoing training programs, corporate marketing, operational support, and purposeful and sharing collective mindshare.

Ambassador Energy provides a bridge for a talented group of business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in re-inventing themselves or adding to their portfolios by migrating into the renewable energy marketplace. Earth Ambassadors must share our passion and commitment for bringing the best, most cost-effective alternative energy solutions to consumers and businesses. They must be energetic, optimistic and driven, with an insatiable appetite for knowledge regarding the evolving renewable energy marketplace.

How much capital do I need to become an Earth Ambassador?

Start-up costs are intentionally minimal, as the Ambassador Energy model is based on growing pre-qualified companies into the Solar leaders in their marketplaces.

What renewable energy products does Ambassador Energy offer?

Ambassador Energy is steadfastly brand-agnostic, providing many brands for all applications. All brands offered by Ambassador Energy are backed by UL rating, state ratings and strong warranties.

I’m ready to start my solar business, what are the next steps?

Ambassador Energy is interested in speaking with all contractors, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to join the “Solar Revolution”. Because Ambassador Energy partners with our Agencies, asking for very little up-front costs, qualifying for our program is important.

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