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Ambassador Energy offers solar training for people at all skill levels, from one day solar courses that explain the basics to advanced PV training for experienced solar professionals. Learn how to sell solar, brush up on 2011 NEC Code for PV, take the NABCEP Entry Level exam, study for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional and NABCEP PV Technical Sales exams or earn continuing education credits for NABCEP PV Installation Professional re-certification.

Welcome To The Solar Revolution

Whether you’re just starting out in the solar industry or an experienced solar professional, we will have a class for you. All of our Solar Training Courses are taught by experienced Solar Training Instructors and are full of valuable information to guide you into the solar future!

Why do we need Renewable Energy Training?

Every single day when the Sun comes up, we are bathed with enough energy in one day to supply all the power we need for five years across the globe. Solar PV is the one technology that is decreasing in price, increasing in opportunity and it can be the key part of our Economic recovery and long term independence.

Solar Training Courses are a must for contractors and entrepreneurs that want to break into the Solar PV Industry. While harnessing the sun’s energy may seem simple at first glance, there are many pitfalls and common mistakes that can be avoided. Our Solar Training Courses offer assistance in every aspect of the business from creating enticing solar quotes for your customers to properly designing and installing the Solar PV Systems you will sell.

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Licenses & Certifications

Contractors State License Board #928112 | General Contractor B | Electrical C10 | California C Corporation Founded 2007 | Solar C46 | NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional & PV Technical Sales Professional Fulgham & Kelso | IREC ISPQ Accredited

IREC ISPQ Accredited NABCEP Entry Level Exam NABCEP PV Technical Sales NABCEP PV Installer

Thank You Ambassador Energy!

Feb 18, 2013 by Frank

I come from a roofing/construction background primarily but, because of this NABCEP training [Solar PV Design & Installation] I was able to confidently take the [NABCEP Entry Level] exam and I knew that I would pass the test. I would recommend this training to anyone who is serious about their Solar Future and wants to take it to the next level. Thank You Ambassador Energy!

The instructor made me comfortable and at ease with all the information!

Feb 16, 2013 by Mike

After being out of school for over a decade I was worried I wouldn’t be able to focus or understand how to study for the NABCEP Test. Throughout the week of long classes I had a feeling of community with my other classmates and the instructor made me comfortable and at ease with all the information!

Ambassador Energy’s solar training course fit my needs

Feb 16, 2013 by David

I got my engineering license, during the practice, I got the contractor licenses. I am good in engineering drawings, but I left the details for juniors to take care. That’s why I failed the NABCEP test a couple times, the NABCEP questions are basic but tricky. Ambassador Energy’s solar training course fit my needs, very basic and broad, even including theories of astronomy and structural wind load design. The battery design became a simple arithmetic approach instead of remembering formulas. Amazing.

I highly recommend the class!

Feb 16, 2013 by Chris

I attended the Ambassador Entry Level NABCEP class and it was a good thing that I did! The class curriculum prepared me to PASS the test….the information was clear and easy to learn from first rate instructors! I highly recommend the class!

I highly recommend attending this great class.

Feb 16, 2013 by Greg

Ambassador Energy is truly an incredible company. Their 5 day solar training was one of best training classes I have ever been through and having been in the roofing industry for 20 plus years, I have been though a lot of training. Catherine did an amazing job of teaching this class. She made it extremely interesting and simple to learn. I highly recommend attending this great class.

Ambassador Energy, Inc. 866-586-1840 24630 Washington Ave. Suite 102 Murrieta CA, 92562 USA 5.0 5.0 10 10 I attended Ambassador Energy’s one week (in my own words) “Total Immersion” entry level course for Solar PV Design & Installation in May 2012. I had previously taken an Intro
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